Building Suspense: Writing, Charcoal Drawings and Video Presentations by Year 6


Trembling with fear, Year 6 have been studying The Watertower by Gary Crew and analysing film clips to develop their skills in building suspense. Below are some of the pieces of work they have produced.

They’d love to know what you think . . . or would they?

ge plans
Structuring Writing
elklan maps
Developing vocabulary


Story Openings

Talha (Elm)talha (elm)

Palvi (Oak)palvi(oak) 1palvi (oak)2

Art – charcoal and chalk

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Video Stories



More Story Openings

Rayaan (Oak)raihan(oak) 1raihan (oak)2

Muskaan (Elm)muskaan (elm) 1muskaan (elm)2

Mafruha (Elm)mafruha (elm)1mafruha (elm) 2

More Art Work


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