The Digital Leaders’ Podcast! Welcome to Coppice FM!


Episode 1: EID    (November 5th 2015)

Episode 2: ROBINWOOD  (November 19th 2015)

Episode 3: ROBINWOOD  (December 16th 2015)

Episode 4: SATs  (April 27th 2016)

Episode 5: MYSTERY TEACHER  (October 13th 2016)


  1. Don’t you think Ronak and Nahid did a good job. Leave a comment to tell the digital leaders how you like our work and what we can improve.

  2. I didn’t know coppice had there on show a loot of hard work has gone into thsi well done by the way before my name was oak

  3. Thank you for watching the podcasts.

    Which podcast do you like the most? WHY
    a.) Eid
    b.) Podcast ( NOVEMBER )
    c.) Podcast ( DECEMBER )

    Choose your favourite one.

  4. Has anyone heard the new podcast about…..
    It’s really good. Just come and listen to it.

  5. Ahh the good days. I’m at The Oldham Academy North now with Iftikar. Mr Knight thx for the great opportunities. My options are gonna be IT science and mathematics.

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